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The Master Cleanser
by Stanley Burroughs

The Master Cleanser

Stanley Burroughs published The Master Cleanser in 1976. Since then thousands and thousands of people have used it to cleanse their way to better health and slimmer, trimmer bodies. His book was one of the first books to popularize a detox diet.

In addition to the cleanse, sometimes referred to as the Lemonade Diet, Burroughs included his philosophy of disease and home remedies for various ailments such as ring worm, dandruff, fungus growths on the hands or feet, athlete's foot, indigestion, gas and more. He also includes vegetarian recipes and menus. It has been a classic for decades.

After coaching literally thousands of people on The Master Cleanse, I've found that people's results can be increased dramatically if they are made aware of the 12 most common pitfalls. So now, I only sell The Master Cleanser with The 12 Most Common Pitfalls booklet.

In addition to that booklet, I also wrote and published an updated book on The Master Cleanse called Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, when I realized there were many unanswered questions about the Master Cleanse that the original booklet didn't answer, such as:

  • How does detoxification lead to weight loss?
  • What can you expect on the cleanse?
  • Which days are the roughest?
  • Is the salt water flush essential?
  • What does the cayenne pepper do?
  • What to do when it seems nothing is happening?
  • How does the Master Cleanse affect women?
  • What is the best indication that the cleanse is complete?
  • What are the five detox symptoms and why are they important?
  • What tends to cause headaches on the cleanse?
  • What quantities of the ingredients do you need to buy?
  • Why should the maple syrup be organic?
  • Can you exercise while on the cleanse?
  • What about quitting smoking?
  • What about the pill and the cleanse
  • And much more

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